In the Eyes of Justice

You could almost see the words escaping your smart mouth. Hopeless regret as they speed away from you like bullets from a gun. Just you know in the split second, I won’t be the one injured and the shrapnel of the situation will have but one place to go.

My tired eyes look up at you from behind my desk. The blue is soft and an almost grey. My eyes study you as my face remains otherwise emotionless. I ask you to repeat what you just said.

Your eyes dive for the carpeted floor, your hair loosely pulled back into a ponytail cascades over your neck and flutters softly as you shake your head slightly.

“Eyes up” my voice says in a loud baritone.

You shake your head slightly again muttering “Nothing Sir” softly as you pray to every imaginable deity that the skies would swallow you up, or offer you a chance to go back and catch those words, anything to avoid what you know is coming next.

My shined black dress shoes and the pant leg of my jet black suit pants appear in your downcast eyes vision. You close your eyes quickly hoping that this is a bad dream and you will wake up lying beside me, wrapped in a warm embrace, head lying against my bare chest with my scent filling you with warmth. Eyes open, still shoes and pants and it’s about to get worse as you feel my strong hand come up to your neck and wrap around the pendant of your collar bringing your eyes up.

Gone is the tired and soft grey. A fiery and intensely deep cobalt blue has set into the melting stare locked into your eyes.

And into my eyes you are forced to look. So penetrating and consuming that you don’t realize you have sunk into a kneeling position until I break eye contact and the trance dissipates. Gathering yourself you place your hands on your thighs the way you have been taught and look straight ahead as you softly swallow as you see me head to my locked desk drawer which you know houses the instrumentation of your punishment. My eyes tell you everything you need to know, and into my eyes, the eyes of Justice you look as your heart sounds its own beat of anticipation to execution of sentence as I step towards you intent on reminding you of your place in our dynamic.