Who’s the boss

“Let me talk to the boss” “The boss gets home in a bit and I want to talk with her first” These expressions seem slightly out of place when spoke by me and referring to sweetness given our being D/s with the exception of child rearing, 24/7. And I know it is part of why people would be shocked if they knew she submitted to me to the extent of kneeling, saying Mister, etc.

While this is the dynamic we practice, I sometimes feel it is natural to say those things to people. And as I reflected on that this week after using those phrases a lot I realized there are two main reasons for my feeling completely natural saying it.

  1. I love keeping sweetness involved in the business that is our life together. Anything that happens I want her to be completely apprised. This is prudent given that there are people that sometimes make threats to my safety, and just the fact that life can happen to anyone and God forbid I am incapacitated and unable to fill her in. I am sweetness’ Husband and Dom, but she is also my partner and I want to make sure she is well cared for if something occurs to me and isn’t drowning in uncertainty about the most important of her affairs.
  2. And more importantly it helps to take the pressure off of a situation when I want the chance to mull it over. I make a living on split second decisions, and honestly I am rather good on thinking fast on my feet, but I am still an extremely cerebral person. I prefer the chance to dig into a decision and consider the world and universe in doing so. I think fast on my feet because I prepare like no person’s business and thus I can fit mulling into the pre-issue and spit it out on the quick. But I prefer to reflect and honestly there have been many times when I have used sweetness kneeling in front of me at my feet curled around my legs as a sounding board and confidant as I mulled over some of the more important affairs I/we have handled.

Please understand, sweetness is an incredibly intelligent being and outside our home she is running the ship of her office. In a little over a year she has gone from low man to telling those with advanced degrees what to do and where to be. Her opinion is overly respected by me and at times she convinces me to rethink decisions. Because while I may “Check with the boss”, I know at the end of the day the call is mine and that sweetness will respect that decision as she respects me as her Mister.

As you can plainly tell there was no real rhyme or reason to this post, just some mental meanderings I wished to capture in print. Salut friends and have a great weekend.


One comment

  1. Sir's nijntje · March 31, 2017

    Sounds perfectly ‘reasonable’ to me – real life is much more complicated then simply sticking to roles. IMO a relationship should be about team work, especially married with children involved … Happy weekend!


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