To the victors go the…

There is something about trials that really brings the dark beast out of me. Unfortunately, I put so much emotional energy and Dominant energy into trial presentation that it isn’t unusual for me to be drained of energy and seek sweetness’ submission through simply playing with my hair or rubbing my back. That is if I get home before she and the little man go to bed at all. Last night was a night where I left early with work to do so I could see her before bed.

Well today, due to some issues in the State’s case, the case of my client went to the jury who spent all of 15 minutes deciding what I had said about the case being bogus was true and releasing my client.

So now, texts have flown to sweetness a small sample follows:

DJ: Verdict is in, headed up now

sw: very cool, love you Mister

DJ: NG (Not Guilty)


DJ: Celebration at my place 😉

sw: lol, i live where you live Mister, kinda hard for me to miss it

DJ: Also hard when you will be in your cuffs from the moment you get home, already made arrangements for the little man. Tonight you are Mine and I intend to fully enjoy what’s Mine.

sw: *blushes* yes Sir

Yes my friends, to the victors, go the submissives. (Not at all to say if I had lost I wouldn’t have had my way, but there is just something about dominating an opponent that lends to bedroom Domination as well.)




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