Good idea, bad idea Part of the Loving a Lawyer Series

When I was growing up I enjoyed a show called Animaniacs, this show included smaller sub-cartoons. One of these featured a comical look at a non-descript man doing something with the good idea being a normal activity, and the bad idea normally being something absurd and causing this man pain of some kind. The collected works for those interested can be found here.

With that in mind I now present my own version that played out this morning


Stating to your lawyer first thing that you are concerned about the views he has made public on social media and that the posts made you feel uncomfortable.



Coming down and ambushing your lawyer with a verbal assault. As lawyers, we are trained to win arguments. EVERY ARGUMENT. The flight in our fight or flight response is suppressed if not eliminated when it comes to verbal or mental attacks. It is a re-learned behavior for us to learn to fight fair when we engage our loved ones in disputes outside of our professional lives. We are trained as lawyers to find the weaknesses in our opponent and attack those while trying to fluster or push the buttons of the opposing side. Presumably if you have a spouse you know where the buttons are, the red, the green, the nuclear meltdown. Attacking a lawyer who isn’t expecting a confontation creates a problem for the lawyer. No matter how good we are about fighting fair, we normally have a chance to prepare for the spousal non-professional fights. When we are confronted unexpectedly, we fight, and fight, and fight, until whatever challenged us is lying disemboweled before us on the floor, if only in imaginary form.

So remember, we as lawyers are working hard to try to be fair fighters when we have disputes in our private lives, it is hard for us to avoid pulling out all the barbs and daggers, it sometimes takes us a little time to shut the door to the armory of buttons, so approach us and express in as de-escalated a manner as possible a desire to discuss or confront an issue. Especially when we are preparing for the day, a difficult hearing, a trial, or something that will already have us with sharpened spears at hand.


One comment

  1. Married Submissive · January 23, 2017

    A lawyer on lawyer domestic dispute is gruesome too.


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