Warrior Princess Submissive Review Pt 2

Chapters 3-4

In Chapter 3 the author discusses three main characteristics that set the Warrior Princess Submissive WPS apart from the others. The author elects to compare the WPS to the two types of submissive he deems closest to her, the acolyte submissive and the pseudo-sub brat.

Her innate strength- The author indicates that the WPS has a natural battler strength that comes out and is exuded. This is likely one of the first things that one notices and it is a source of intimidation for some/most men. I find this to be incredibly true. I have often sought out women who were successful in their fields or in some manner exuded strength and confidence in their daily quests. I can point to two exes who are now PhD. recipients, an MD, a lawyer, and one who while she didn’t have a degree is likely one of the strongest women I have ever met. The fight purpose is likewise the subject here as well when looking at the inside the relationship. The WPS fights for her sense of justice, the acolyte for her demi-god, and brat for herself and normally against the Dominant.

Her self-discipline- This isn’t necessarily saying that the self care is straight and on the level, but rather that the WPS knows she has power within her, she is able to impact the world, but she understands the old saying of with great power comes great responsibility and puts that into practice. In the meanwhile the acolyte relies on the Demi-god for his pleasure and being pleased with her for her discipline in action, meanwhile the brat has no discipline at all. My sweetness falls into this category as well, as do others I have been involved with who if they embraced their D/s tendencies would have fallen into this grouping. I have also come across brats as well and one of which I am still fairly friendly with and in contact with though it is tempered by my dynamic with sweetness.

Her switchiness- This is where the WPS is seen as a man/woman eater. she is seen as dominant to all others who know her. She may be the leader and boss of all things at work and in the world outside the home/dynamic but when she gets home she is strictly submissive. The idea of the WPS being a submissive leaning switch is incorrect as the author explains that the idea of being a switch indicates that there is a willingness and ability to switch within the dynamic. While the acolyte can be switch in regards to her submission to the Demi and any more Alpha submissives in the religion group and dominant to any lower submissives, and the brat is just a brat and wields no real power, the WPS would find completely unfathomable the idea of being Dom to her Dom or in a D/s dynamic. It is in fact the one thing she seeks to avoid.

Chapter 4 is the WPS test. I will give my scoring here and will then indicate where sweetness and I differed on the answers. The test is a 20 question test with answers from 1-5. 1 = Completely disagree and 5 = Completely agree. I mark sweetness as a 91 out of 100 and will admit there was some insertion of would be in relation to the questions at hand. I suppose I will put the questions here so you can play at home.

1. I often worry that everyone around me will suddenly realize that I am not the subject matter expert at work that they think I am.- 5

2. I often make great personal sacrifices for moral, political, or religious causes I believe in.- 5

3. I sometimes wonder if I am submissive at all.- 5

4. I find a great deal of joy in doing little things to serve my primary partner, like preparing a meal for him/her.- 4

5. Most people would be extremely surprised if they knew just how submissive I feel towards my primary partner.- 5

6. Being outed as a lifestyle submissive would probably hurt my credibility at work or in my career.- 4

7. Most people would say that I am a take charge kind of person.-5

8. I tend to be very opinionated about what is right and wrong.-5

9. I support social justice by donating money, attending rallies, or speaking out on issues I feel need to be addressed.- 5

10. I work very hard every day to make a real difference in the world.- 5

11. I would be comfortable attending a large political rally by myself.- 4

12. My friends and family sometimes think I am not careful enough.-5

13. I don’t much care what people think about me.-2

14. I like having a romantic partner, but I don’t necessarily need one.-4

15. I am good at what I do professionally.-5

16. I consider myself a feminist.-5

17. I often choose my friends based on the stands they take on moral, sociological, or political issues.-3

18. I often get angry or distressed when I watch or read the news and see what is going on in this country.-5

19. I am a supervisor, counselor, or subject matter expert where I work.-5

20. I often feel a lot of pressure to maintain an aura of infallibility.- 5

At 91 the author believes she is a WPS. The scoring breaks down as follows paraphrased

20-40- You’re a lover not a fighter- You avoid conflict and are a peacemaker and find that even when there are wrongs there are better ways than confrontation to solve an issue.

41-60- You can be a warrior when provoked- When someone threatens your loved ones or to defend yourself you can fight back and do so effectively. That said it makes you really uncomfortable when it does and you seek to avoid it though you are competent at fighting back.

61-80- You are Gabrielle, Xena’s trusty sidekick- You are ambivalent about being a warrior but you are skilled in fighting when need be. While not looking for fights you don’t shy away from them and when it comes down to it you can be a great ally in battle.

81-100- You are likely a warrior princess- You’re not onlu an excellent combatant but you relish the fight and even sometimes live for it. You seek chances to fight for your sense of right and wade into the fray and is something people define you based upon.

I will publish what sweetness scores herself at to see how much the scores differ.



Warrior Princess Submissive Review

Chapters 1-2

The initial chapters of the book lend themselves to the introduction of the Author’s “discovery” of an additional subset of submissive. The basic premise being that the Author was enjoying a meal with a submissive who inquired into the missing “connection” or pairing of the White Knight Dominant- which the Author indicates he believes himself to be with a subset of submissive. At the conclusion of each of these chapters the author provides an anecdote relating to his own experience which adds some humanity to an otherwise instructional book. I feel that this is done well and could add a bit of spice to the reading of the material.

The Second Chapter is dedicated to the other submissive types from the author’s original text a near 500 page tome titled “Domination and Submission: The BDSM Relationship Handbook”¬†Within this chapter while not naming the Dominant pairings the author describes the types of submissives he has found briefly. These descriptions while short seem to capture the essence of some of the types of women I have been in both vanilla and kink relationships with, but non honestly seemed to fit My sweetness. Then onto chapter 3 which detailed this new submissive type.

It should be said that sweetness and I both took Dom and sub relationship tests and were found to be a White Knight (not surprising given what I do for a living and my entire background from childhood) and sweetness to be a warrior princess (likewise not at all surprising, but that will have to be saved for the next installment)

So far I have enjoyed the book and look forward to reading more.

The Warrior Princess Submissive by Mickael Makai

I have recently gotten my hands on this book in an effort to further understant My sweetness and because its something different to peruse while I am waiting for court to start. I will let you all debate if I am serious on the last part. I plan to review/comment on it as I go through it. Patience appreciated as I am not intending or anticipating on getting lots of time to read it.

Trying really really hard

As someone who has lived where he works his entire life, I have a reputation and expectation about who I am and how I am. I am blessed to be in an occupation where having some Dominant tendencies is expected and even a good attribute. That said I have to try really really hard to deaden some of my natural inclinations. For example, yesterday I was told by a repeat client who I have represented from juvenile court and into her young adult life that she believes that the charges against her are bogus because she google searched the topic and in this state (across the country from me), this state (another almost geographic opposite), this state (getting closer I suppose), and this state (SIGH, that’s a country) this is the law (according to bloggers who likewise likely have no fricken clue what they are talking about as it is inordinately wrong).


*takes a deep breath and tries my hardest to push the inner Dom into his containment area*


There were young ladys thrown in, a succinct explanation of how disappointed I was in her being in trouble again, literally everything except an order to fetch an implement, kneel and offer said implement to me to use on her….as I said I was trying really really hard.

Absent minded thoughts

My blue eyes are weary and cast across the living room as I watch the little man play on his mat. It’s been a long week and then in you walk in your typical dress of late. A nursing top and panties. But not just any panties, lacey cheeky panties. The material curves to your rear end and my eyes begin to spark.

You gently deposit the little man in his play yard and turn your attention to me, you approach and slowly kneel in front of me. You look up with your hair loose around your face and ask with your soft voice that defies our age if you may. I nod and you whirl your hair around as if twirling spaghetti and secure it in some magical way.

I feel your hands gently run over my hardening cock as you run them up the mesh of my shorts. You kiss the tip through the material before freeing me and finishing the hardening process with a lick and suck.

The universe condenses to two heart beats, two people alone remain. The feeling of your almost rhythmic approach causes the lightning in my eyes to intensify as you break away and request me to help guide you. My fingers interlace through your tied back curls as I pull you deeply onto me. I hear you moan at the slight pull that my hands provide and the depth as my manhood goes deeper into your mouth and throat.

Your noises are the only ones I hear, the sensation of your tongue and mouth the lone feel, and your scent of sweet sugar fills the rest of the void. I feel you more eagerly almost insistently suck and lick, craving the taste of my finishing in your mouth.

“Mister, did you hear what I said?” Back to reality as you stand there right where I left you, bent over looking inquisitively at me, those lacey cheeky panties almost mockingly blocking the rest of what’s Mine.

Angels and Demons


It’s actually not all that often that a meme just speaks to me. This one did. I often find myself wondering why My sweetness is with me, why she started with me, why she stayed with me, why she let me put a ring on it not once but twice, and continues with me in this adventure we call our joint lives. It isn’t a lie to say that she had some chaos in her past, I know because we worked through it. That said she is my angel, I view her as perfectly imperfect and spotless. Even her jobs are morre service to people than my own.

I meanwhile, I am known for chaos, I am a demon (a nice most of the times and only a real threat when cornered and having to fight one, but one the same), I come home weary and sometimes feeling dirty from the grime and muck I had to deal with each day. And I admit I do wear a suit to work daily, and most times my stark white dress shirt and silk tie both look as impeccable at the end of the day as when I leave the house, but I still bring the excitement and chaos.

Then we get into the picture itself, My sweetness has for the most part always worn her emotions on her sleeve, she very rarely has to put on a mask of her true self, she truly is that much of a shining star. I however am the master of masks, hats, costume mustaches, and any other form of blending and hiding that is needed. I’m the clean cut all american prep to those who saw me grow up, not the kink driven Dominant who daydreams of his sweetness hog tied, helpless and being used. I am the outgoing, and extroverted attorney, not the reserved introvert who slumps exhausted into a chair or couch next to His sweetness at night after a full day of work followed by this or that meeting. I know that My sweetness hates that I am not as open, but I have been trained, conditioned, and programmed not to be. And I am not just talking about the close to the chest tactics one learns in law school, but instead what my life experiences have taught me and done to form my persona.

So there I am searching for My peace for My sweetness as she clings to me and feeds off my chaos.

I’m a Mutant


When I was younger I believed I had a problem, this problem was the fact that while a number of children when told it is time for bed will argue that they aren’t tired, the fact of the matter was that I wasn’t.

In fact I have been called a machine before because I very rarely tire. I go to be around 11:30 just because My sweetness needs me in bed to sleep herself. But then I am awake by 2:30 and lie there until my “alarm” goes off at 4ish. I’ve gone a number of days without sleep before. When I drink caffeine it is for show or for taste.

Much to my surprise when I last went to my doctor about my physical I get annually as part of the life insurance policy I have to protect sweetness and the little captain, I told my doctor about how I had a string of major cases that required litigation or prep for them and ¬†that required me to be up a number of days dealing with. My doc jokingly asked how hard I burned the candles and if I felt sick afterwards and then began a lecture about sleep and how I need to be better on my body, but I stopped him cold by telling him that I didn’t feel a thing. I hardly ever do.

As it turns out I am apparently one of 1-3% of the population that can successfully run on little and no sleep. We are called the sleepless elite and it is believed that it is a genetic mutation that exists to allow us to be like this. I can believe it is genetic as I have strong suspicions that people on both sides of my family are like this and feel my “pain” of boredom as they fill a spot in bed.

That said when I sleep, I sleep hard and I am gone quick. Like I lay down and it’s like my brain jumps at the chance to reboot and I reboot hard and fast. I don’t count sheep, I just sleep.

I know that this condition drives sweetness nuts as well because there have been a few times when as I am lying there I get the itch and I start seeing if I can rouse her to scratch it for me. Sometimes it works, sometimes I get scratched alright.