Yesterday I touched on my passion for litigation in cases, but the sad fact for those unaware is that by and large most cases in our justice system never see the inside of a courtroom for anything more than to put an agreed resolution on the record. Criminal world 90-95% of all cases settle prior to trial. The Domestic Relations world in my experience seems to be the same way. It’s nice because normally both sides are semi satisfied, but it does cause a problem at times for the attorney behind the scenes.

You see a part of the legal system that is often hidden behind judge/magistrate chamber doors is the pretrial activity which is akin to litigation foreplay. It is in chambers where the fight to come is hinted at, much like a Dom running his finger tips or some other means of touch sensation purposely in a manner intended to garner a yearning response. There is much saber rattling, and there may even be some promise of infliction of pain and mayhem by one or both sides. Much like a Dominant whispering to a submissive of the wonderfully horrible things they will be doing later to the submissive it builds the excitement and creates a scrumptious tension. As the sides harden, much like a part of one’s anatomy, and perhaps there is a teaser of in court action in the form of a motion hearing or the like that acts like a prematurely ended manipulation of the genitals the pending litigation is so close you can almost taste it.

And then it’s over. There is no adrenaline rush and euphoric feeling that comes with stepping through the gates in the courtroom into the well to do epic battle. Both the rebels and evil empire walk away “winning” and “losing”. And then we start talking about litigator drop. But that’s a topic for another day, for now I am off to battle the evil empire and I will blow up the Death Star, I will have my release.


I hope.


The Struggle to Remain Closeted

As someone who loves the strife and conflict of the courtroom, I practice in area where the ultimate destination is likely to be litigation. I am a trench lawyer and have commented more than once to my wife that my time in court is more akin to the Hunger Games or a street fight than an organized production. Some lawyers hide behind their desks and books, maybes and let me research that for you. There are foreclosure and bankruptcy mills that abound and the attorneys maybe see the case once or twice but otherwise it is all on autopilot.

Don’t get me wrong, that’s a living, it’s legal and legit, and God knows they likely make more than me and sleep better than I, but I could never do without the competition and chance to figuratively flay witnesses and opposing parties to bits.

With that spirit I have encountered a problem more and more thanks to a certain author who published certain books who made the whole of society seemingly teeming with BDSM “experts” and subscribers. These same people rebel at the production of an actual D or s. The day dream is the perceived reality and when the whip and chain comes out so too do the allegations of abuse and assault.

But DJ, what are you going on about, what is the point. Patience dear reader.

The true issue is this. I prepare for court by making sure I know as much about the issue topics as I can. BDSM and parts within have increasingly popped up in Domestic Relations and Custody cases. Tomorrow I head to battle with a woman who perceives herself as a DD and her girlfriend a lg. The trouble I find myself in is that I don’t believe these two know the first damn thing about DDlg dynamics and while I have not practiced that dynamic I have an obviously slightly developed background regarding this particular world.


There is only so much I can let out in my pursuit before the questions no doubt will arise as to how I am so well educated on these matters and I think there are just certain things I would desire to ex-filtrate from this woman that would require some curiosity as to personal experiences and that is obviously unacceptable given my position in the community and the unaccepted world view of actual Ds relationships.

No real question, just a long week that needed venting into the current issue. Carry on with your lives.

And that’s the ball game

10 minutes….

I didn’t even get out of the courthouse. Phone rings, “Jury is back”, NOT GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS and the jury wants to speak to the prosecutor and I.

They want to know…well I will allow Capt. Picard to give the basic rundown of the thoughts they had about the State’s case being based on to two druggie liars.

And that’s the ballgame folks.


We’ve broken until tomorrow pending possible rebuttal tomorrow from the other side. In the meantime I have had the primal part of me unleashed for three days + now and the only way to describe my mood is Dominant.

In a perfect world, this will be me and My sweetness tonight.


followed by


I am lucky in that she understands that the Darkness comes out during trial, I am doubtful that nothing will come of it til this weekend when one of the grandparents pulls the kiddo duty so we can “celebrate” a few separated but optimistically successful weeks.

Cheers all