Last Week Re-stated

Sometimes people wonder, and yesterday while at a party I was asked by freshly made acquaintances what it is like to be a criminal defense attorney. Thus I present to you, my last week captured in illustration. Enjoy.




“Mister, we need to talk about something”

*heart starts to beat a bit faster as I take a deep breath having had an absolute bear of a day* Alright sweetness, what’s up?

“You may know, or figured it out, or you may not, but my sister and I had a long talk today. She has decided to come out as bi.”

As someone who is an up and comer in the local and to a small extent the state conservative party, as a brother (I am not her brother in law, I am her big brother thanks much), and as a mentor to her as kindred introverts (we bond through silence). I cannot say how proud I am of her for her courage. I have like My sweetness had suspicions since well…I started dating sweetness over 10 years ago when dear sister was just 10. In that time I have seen this young woman overcome a number of obstacles and barriers. No. Not overcome. She obliterated them.

After my wife told me I contacted dear sister later in the evening to congratulate her for finding her freedom and in an atypical of her moment she described how she really wished to have come out to all of us. Had she carried this plan out (she was foiled by things outside her control) it wouldn’t have been a silent slide open of the door and creep out, but more akin to this.

The only regret I have from the conversation I shared with sweetness is that I too have something about dear sister to share. You see shortly after dear sister graduated high school a few years ago, she and I shared a car while going to my alma mater which is now her college and she asked/confronted me about some of sweetness and I’s proclivities she had overheard (oops ;-)) and began asking questions. Later that same year when coming home from school for a break she confided that she had found herself in a ttwd based lifestyle with her boyfriend and LOOOOOOVED it, the only difference being that the roles were reversed from sweetness and I. Since then we have managed to steal conversations and she has asked me questions and input, but I don’t know if I am ready to kick in the doors of sweetness viewing her sister as “pure and naive and vanilla” though I have suggested since our conversation that she may want to discuss our lifestyle with dear sister in an attempt to get them to discuss it on their own.

I’m angry with you

“I will follow your command, just so you know I’m angry with you.”

That is the statement made to me recently when I was informed that little man was running a fever and his ear seemed to be bugging him. I was free to take him to the doctor, sweetness was at work and was unable to leave lest she lose a decent amount of pay for the missed time.

For reasons I will not get into, it is important that sweetness get as many paid hours as she can at her job and thus missing this time would be a real detriment to that need being fulfilled.

Let me say if it hasn’t been clear to this point, sweetness and I are like most couples in this lifestyle a unique one, we are I suppose 24/7 but it is seamless so it often doesn’t feel that way unless close reflection is involved. We tend to see eye to eye on most things, and when we don’t she almost without exception just complies. This is true in all things, except little man.

To this end I personally view our role as parents as the primary role since little man was born. And when it comes to his upbringing our dynamic tends to shift to more of a 50/50 with a large part being that My sweetness has much younger siblings and has been involved in the rearing of children before. This was one of the first times when there was a real clash of the areas as it were and while I stuck to my guns and she in surprisingly (looking back it was very impressive and I have commended her for it) large part maintained her place in the dynamic by compliance.

For those curious, little man was just tired and the fever was an inability of his care provider to use the thermometer correctly so all is good and My sweetness was kept informed the entire way through the process and is no longer angry with me.

Showing Off

Growing up where I did, and with the views on life that I did, it is in spite of the public perception of what I do that I am not a frequenter of fancy gatherings. I much prefer when I am not in my daily uniform of a suit, tie, dress shirt and dress shoes that I am found in sweats, shorts, cutoff t-shirts, and other lounging wear. I wear the jeans (I am part of a small county farming community) and other more public acceptable “civilian” clothes, but for the large part I don’t do fancy.

Yet, tomorrow evening sweetness and I will be attending the State Dinner for the political party I am a member of as guests of the chairman of the party. The value of the ticket for where we will be seated costs more than the assortment of suits I have in the closet at home to wear to court. Save for my prom it will be the first time I will be in a tux (puts memo to google tying a bow tie).

So why am I doing this? To show off what’s Mine. You see while I have political aspirations, and I know that the reason I was invited (originally, just me) was for the chairman to get a look at the young person that is a potential up and comer, and while I know that I will get to rub elbows with our governor who was a presidential candidate this election cycle, our party’s US Senator, and other mover and shakers within the party on the National and State level, I am most excited to show of sweetness.

Folks, I present well, I can be both eloquent while folksy charming with my educated vocabulary exuding in my home baked small county accent. I am what the Germans in the 30’s and 40’s would have aimed for in appearances with a strong, tall build and fair skin with clean cropped blonde hair and what I am told are piercingly beautiful blue eyes. I am ambitious and come across more mature than my driver license age would belie. But at the end of the day, the best part of me is my little strawberry blonde beauty. To say sweetness is stunning would be understated. When I first met her as an awkward 15 year old, I was speechless and terrified of the concept of approaching her (a trend that extended through our mutual school careers and until I was just shy of 20). Standing 14 inches shorter than I, with a diminutive¬†frame, she looks ever the little china doll. Her untouched lips have an almost natural cherry color to them, her stunning wide eyes a most incredible steel blue. But she is far from a silent little thing. While within our dynamic she is submissive and fairly restrained in expression, she is every bit my intellectual equal and more. Woe be the person who underestimates a conversation with her, but while I am an actor as I engage in extroversion, sweetness shines, radiates, and quite honestly puts me to shame. And I don’t mind a bit.

She is my buffer, my shining star, and my crown jewel. While I may get these people to the edge or close to it, sweetness being around closes the deal and makes opportunities I never imagined open up for me.

Now our getting to this point took a little work, you see sweetness is “cursed” with hating to have money spent on her. So when I came home with the invitation (did I mention we are of opposing parties, though she for my sake hasn’t stated so publicly) her reaction was dread not because of the subject, but because she knew I would insist on trying as much as possible to find her something as beautiful as she to wear. The trip to the shopping mall was an adventure all its own and I had to remain vigilant to speak softly as we shopped so as to not loudly sound Dom in the crowded stores. In our dynamic it is rare I request sweetness wear a certain thing outer clothing wise, this is primarily given her background in fashion making her more adept at looking good then this simple small town boy, but I found myself having to order in a whispered tone “I said go try it on, young lady”

But now we are a little over 24 hours away from spending a tremendous night together. My sweetness will be wrapped in a gorgeous silver dress that has beautiful inlays and makes her eyes sparkle and shine and most important to her allows her to pump to produce milk for little man. She will have on the close fitting necklace that is her dress collar but just appears to be shiny jewelery. And for my private viewing pleasure and personal knowledge through the night she will be in a matching under thing set with lacey panties that I have already informed her that she will be modeling for me when we get home and play in the time I have allotted after the event before little man returns from his evening with his grandmother.

My sweetness is not a thing, she is a person. But she is Mine, and tomorrow night I will get to show off what is Mine. One could say I am a bit excited.

Happy weekend all.