Hold the Ink

I had the opportunity to grab lunch at a local eatery today and as I sat down I was greeted by a young woman who would be my server for the meal. The place I was eating is owned by a former client, whom I have done a great deal of business with, and is run in a roadhouse kind of manner. Its greasy food, cold beer, and weekend nights there is some form of live entertainment. In that spirit the official uniform is denim bottoms and some shirtlike clothing option bearing the eatery’s name on top. The unofficial policy is if you can pull it off then the more skin the better.

My server, also a former client who I am truly proud of with her having slaying some person demons was dressed to the unofficial perfection wearing jean shorts that just had the hint of skin where the rear and thigh meet and appeared drawn on in terms of close fitting. She also wore a cropped top proudly proclaiming the restaurants name across her breasts and exposing plenty of cleavage with a cut that acted like an arrow pointing at the writing. This young woman is beautiful and I accept that as a married man that’s a loaded statement. Then you get to her right shoulder and the hideous disfiguring tattoo that takes a large portion of it.

I will never understand how someone who is that attractive can disfigure their natural beauty with inking themselves. And I recognize that this is a controversial position in a lifestyle where at times tattooing is an accepted and even revered activity. My submissive has previously indicated her desire to get a white ink “his” tattooed under her wedding band in proclamation of her being Mine. I politely declined. And in all honesty I tend to be less Dominant with my sweetness when it comes to her appearance. Rarely do I dictate an outfit, and with her ongoing health and fitness attentions I don’t really need to make sure she is staying active and fit, but when it comes to body modifications I tend to draw a line. I have indicated I do not feel she needs any more piercings (she has her ears done in the lobes and has a navel piercing) and I expressly forbid her to tattoo herself, even in tribute to me.

I really have no strong reason, it is personal preference. But I am curious, am I alone in this just express forbidding, are there other Doms/Sirs out there that have said no to the modification? I don’t believe i am alone but figured I would write and put it out there.



There are times when I have to take a break from the day job and let my mind wander into daydreams to enjoy a little vacation. Today’s is a fun little one. I found this little treasure in the French Polynesian Islands http://www.privateislandsonline.com/islands/motu-moie

I have often thought it would be nifty to have my own private island, also I enjoy the idea of perhaps running a B and B in retirement. Obviously with this locale it is more than a B and B, it is a resort location so the price would be higher, but still if I was independently wealthy and only needed funds for maintenance….In any case I just imagine doing some infrastructure work to add to it and turn this 20 acres into a lifestyle friendly retreat, perhaps build bungalows elsewhere and spread apart with carts to allow for travel here and there around the just shy 900,000 square feet. Perhaps equip each of these remote bungalows with a playroom and then build play structures elsewhere on the island as well. Bring your own or buy from the toy shoppe.

I know this post isn’t terribly deep, but it is honest for today as I took a break before the “break” that is this holiday weekend.

On that note please remember those who sacrificed for our freedoms as you enjoy this upcoming weekend.


Caging Darkness

Jury Trials are a rare treat for me. As someone who is typically very reserved, and as someone who has to wear the mask of an extroverted introvert, it is a rare occasion where I don’t mind being on “stage” and performing. In the United States nearly 94% of matters are resolved short of trial criminally. In my local court we have had one trial between both judges since late December of last year.

Last week about this time I was locked, loaded and looking forward to crying havoc and letting slip not just the dogs of war, but also Darkness. Aside from play and scene time with her, trial is my only other outlet of my Darkness. It excites me in ways just short of sexual, but stokes those flames such that as I will describe in a subsequent post that she just knows if trial is involved and we can get the little curmudgeon otherwise occupied that she is in for seriously kinky fuckery.

Now when I say that I was looking forward to trial, I mean that this case was making my Darkness drool. It was a weak, weak, weak case. The State was relying on a lying, sniveling, drugged out liar who had remained in jail until he completely reversed course on his recorded interview and threw everyone else including my client under the bus while minimizing his involvement to the extent I was afraid they may try to argue kidnapping. I was going to redecorate the courtroom with his entrails on cross and my Darkness was going to enjoy the fact not only would I be in control, but that given the judge’s expressed desire for trial bloodshed I likely wouldn’t have to worry about the judge using the sustained objection safeword for a good. long. time.

The felony prosecutor for his part had kicked the cage enough in this case that I was also looking forward to engaging in some embarassment of him as well. As a Dominant I don’t like the embarassment aspects, it doesn’t appeal to me and I really have no use for it. As a pissed off trial attorney who had respectfully asked the case be dismissed or my client offered a sensible offer commiserate with the jackshit they had, I love it and was looking forward to doing everything short of ball gagging and hog tying the SOB. He had stoked the fires with a new indictment on more BS charges produced by the snitch’s lies and we arraigned my client on them and indicated our readiness to the court in the morning.

I left to engage in some family frivolity before I locked myself in my office for the weekend to prepare and while I was gone I got a call from my to be play partner in the prosecutor’s office indicating he had a problem. I returned to my domain, albeit not in my typical “scene ensemble” and was treated to a request for a continuance because the law officers in the case “weren’t ready”.

….*desperately grasps at the collar of my Darkness as the judge looks at me for a response*

I won’t bore you with the benign details of the subsequent 40 minutes but will say I managed enough control to not utter the words too damn bad or I don’t care. But inside I was raging. I am someone who due to my circumstances am able to keep my Darkness confined and managed with the rare free to run releases, but once Darkness is loose there better be some play involved this was sadist tease to the penultimate and I knew that there were going to be 0┬áchances to satiate the beast with her at home.

Following the hearing and the continuance being granted, I texted her and told her some things I would like done at the house and that the trial was off. Her buzzwords that I was going to be in a still heightened sense and that protocols might be a bit high unexpectedly. I then took some time and wrote, and maybe I will share what I wrote,  maybe not. But it helped and I managed to cage the rage/Darkness.

So why do I write all this here, now. I suppose its because I still need to vent a little, and also maybe to process in this manner, but mainly its because I know since our lifestyle isn’t one widely accepted in its true form (IE not in the glamorized form thanks to Hollywood and all the wannabe superficial subscribers) that this probably happens a lot and I wouldn’t mind sharing so others know it happens to others.

But here is to a bright and beautiful weekend, one I hope you all have.

Use the force

I don’t claim the title geek. I am not one to step foot into Star Trek Festivals or Comic Con. I do however appreciate the connections that can be made between Star Wars’ Force and TTWD.

With direct and firm eye contact and firm statement of what is desired, a previously unacceptable answer/uncompliant action is made acceptable and compliance made.

One cannot give in to anger or they will destroy themselves and their relationships.

As one becomes more experienced and learn their craft, their “power” grows.

There are those who prefer to live on the light and dark side of the force.

There are those who seek out apprenticeships to learn the craft while other hone their craft autonomously.

And then there is yesterday where as the little man was stirring in his car carrier fighting sleep from the car ride induced nap I turned around from Mrs who was head down butt up and moaning for her Mister and used the Force to cause little man to slump forward and then to the side against the carrier and back to sleep while I destroyed the death star that was Mrs and I’s lack of intimacy that threatened our dynamic.